Zero Defense is a classic tower defense game featuring engaging gameplay optimized for both casual gamers and hardcore tower defense fans.
Sharpen your tactical skills while advancing through scenic landscapes of diverse worlds with manually balanced levels that will keep you on the edge.

Zero Defense


  • 30 hours of campaign mode gameplay across 3 worlds
  • Diversity of cute enemies with handcrafted animations
  • Gems mode for pro tower defense fans
  • Secret levels with unique twists and turns
  • Brainstorming bonus levels for real hardcore gamers
  • Level up and Upgrades (no microtransactions!)
  • Online leaderboards and achievements



"Surprisingly but even that ragdoll like sack with stitched mouth looks cute, amazing" - Random dude

"Feels like an those old good tower defense games back in my days" - My grandma

"I was able to finish the game without additional payments – feels nice" - iPhone user